What is the perfect Middle Earth? Why Algeria, Of course!

Gage Moore


Algeria has many cool geographic features. Algeria has the Atlas Mountains, which include Mount Tahat, and Algeria has a large desert as well as a large forest. In Algeria, they speak Arabic. The most popular dish in Algeria is Chickpeas and vegetables. The people have been influenced by Jewish, French, and Italian cultures. Algeria is very large, at four times the size as Texas,

How is Algeria like Middle Earth?

Algeria is just like Middle Earth in many ways. For one, they both have a giant secluded mountain. Algeria has the Mount Tahat, and Middle Earth has the Lonely Mountain. Also, they both have big, dividing mountain ranges. Algeria has the Atlas Mountains, and Middle Earth has the Misty Mountains. And just like how Middle Earth has the big dense Mirkwood. Algeria has a giant 238,174 thousand square kilometer forest

Pictures of Algeria

Counter Claims

Some people may argue that Algeria may have a little too much desert or too much barren land, but the vastness of Algeria lead to big mountains and big forests as well. Algeria has lots of characteristics of Middle Earth, and we have only named a few.


In conclusion, Algeria is the identical twin of Middle Earth. They have lots of physical characteristics, like mountains, forests, small villages, and many more, but they also have similar cultures. They both live a more rural lifestyle and they both have similar people. The Middle Earth people live in villages and are all very diverse, like most people of Algeria.
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