Norfolk Junior High

Panther Journal

By: Blaine Janise

Farming Simulator

The game Farming Simulator is a game on your computer that let’s you know what being a farmer is really like. I like it because you can buy animals, grow crops, harvest crops, and buy and sell tractors and all sorts of things to help your farm. The rooster starts to get annoying after awhile because he constantly crows. Farming Simulator is available on Xbox, PS3, PS vita, and 3DS. The town is not very far from your farm, so you can walk to the city and back to your farm. I like it because you can build your own farm.

Texas the amazing state

Texas is filled with all sorts of amazing plants and rivers with a lot of cool things. Texas is the only state with the flag equal height to America's. You should visit their if you have not. The state song is “Texas our Texas.” The population in Austin, Texas is 842,592. Texas is a very amazing state. That is the best state to me.


Agree (to shorten school week)

It would make us smarter and a longer weekend.

Disagree (not to shorten the school week)

I disagree with shortening the school day because the school dinner would be terrible. It would be longer class periods. Our class iPads would die. It would stink.

Blaine’s Life

Blaine grew up to be tall and skinny, and starting to grow those gray hairs. He grew up in Norfolk, Nebraska, but his family moved to Texas because the weather is a lot nicer than in Nebraska. He as a part of the Speech/Debate team and football team. He went to college and he went to the University of Texas at Austin. He majored in animation. He had a job in high school working at Hy-vee. He is not working for Hy-Vee anymore, because he got a job as a video game designer. Yes, he married a wonderful woman and they have two children, one is named Jack and the other is named Jill. He is currently still living in Texas only 20 minutes away from the beach. For the last 10 years, he has been with the same business but doing different jobs. He likes trains ever since he was a little boy. He plans to stay with that same company. He is planning to visit Paris,France with his whole family.

Secondhand lions

The movie takes place in Austin,Texas on the farm of the Great Uncles Garth and Hub. The boy’s mother says she is going to school, but she really is in Las Vegas. The boy starts out weak, but ends up a strong man who can take care of himself. His uncles are very rich, but no one knows how they got their money. His uncles are not normal fishermen, they use shotguns to go fishing. They don’t like people who come on their land and try to sell things to them, so they use their shotguns to take care of them.


The mouse, Cocoa, was running rapidly away from the owls who were trying to catch him on Jouse’s farm, but while this was happening the cow had built a slingshot that Lukas ,the pig, was going try out and be the first test subject. Jouse was onto them and he was waiting for Lukas to come flying across the night sky, so he put a camera up and waited for them to go. They wanted success, but Jouse the farmer busted them.