Golden State Warriors

By: Matthew Jungk

Stephen Curry

Star NBA PG, Stephen Curry at the age of 28, who became the leader of the Golden State Warriors after being selected 7th overall by the team in 2009. He set the NBA record for the most three-pointers made in a season with 272 in the 2012-123. Before his NBA career he led Davidson University to the elite eight in the NCAA tournament as a sophomore in 2008.

Stephen Curry comes from the hometown of Charlotte North Carolina where he was born on March 14 1988 and his father Dell Curry played NBA basketball for the Charlotte Bobcats. Stephen's younger brother Seth Curry is also playing NBA basketball for the Memphis Grizzlies in 2013. In 2011 Stephen Married Ayesha and now the couple has a kid named Riley Curry.

Stephen is known for his three point shooting on the Warriors. Curry is .440% from shooting from point shooting. Stephen and Klay Thomson are known as the splash brothers for their three point shooting. Stephen Curry is the best bet for the 2014-15 MVP. Stephen is now in the playoffs fighting for the NBA championship for the 2014-15 basketball season.

Oracle Arena

Oracle Arena is where the Golden State Warriors play basketball. Oracle Arena is right next door to the Oakland A's baseball field. Oracle started being built in 1964 and the construction took two years to build the arena. The arena can hold up to 19,596 people at basketball games. Oracle used to be called the Oakland Arena until 2006 when it was changed to Oracle Arena.

Many famous performers have performed there like Iggy Azalea and Ricky Martin. Frozen on ice and hello kitty festival have traveled there to perform. Their was a big renovation in 1977 at Oracle that cost 121 million dollars.

The playoffs have just kicked off and the Warriors have the number one seed. The Warriors have the best record in the regular season with 67 wins and only 15 loses. In the first game of the playoffs the Warriors won at home 106-99. Game two at home the Warriors won again.

Oracle Arena in Oakland California

Oracle is home of the Golden State Warriors basketball team and the Oakland A's baseball field.

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