Westward Expansion News 1869

By Ricki Sexton

Rails Across the Nation

1860 -Pony Express: It delivered mail from Missouri to California in just 10 days.
1861 - Telegraph: It put the Pony Express out of business because people could share news and information more quickly using electric signals.
1862-1869 - Transcontinental Railroad: It connected East to West. It carried goods, people, and information across the continent in just a week.

How to Become a Homesteader

The Homestead Act was a law signed in 1862 to people willing to start new farms on the Great Plains. If you were a man over the age of twenty-one or a woman who was the head of the family, you could claim 160 acres of land. You had to..
  • Pay a small fee ($10)
  • farm your land and live on it for 5 years.