DLT Update

August, 2017

Prepping for the Year

Your DLT met Wednesday, August 9 for a packed half-day meeting. Thank you to all who were able to attend!

Below are important outcomes of this meeting that affect all district teachers.

MAX Teaching -- Setting Purpose, Vision, and Expectations

As a quick summary of a long conversation, your attendance at this Friday's MAX Teaching training is the start of a commitment to improving instructional "toolboxes". The DLT expects this training to

  • Increase consistency through common strategies, common language between teachers, and common writing expectations across contents.
  • Add high-quality strategies that are proven to work
  • Actively engage students
  • Improve differentiation
  • Help all teachers provide immediate feedback

Friday's Training Focus: All teachers need to pick up at least 1 strategy this Friday to try at least 2x a week during the first 2 weeks of school. Implementing strategies will continue 2x a week through October 11.

***Look for a follow-up email with additional DLT expectations next week.

Click Here: Friday's Inservice Schedule

You should have received the link to this schedule in the email from Kent on Monday. There has been a change in the morning -- AM trainings / activities will end at 11:20 to give BLEA more meeting time during lunch. BLEA lunch is at HS Cafeteria.

Click Here: What is MAX Teaching?

This is a reminder about what MAX Teaching "IS" and "IS NOT" to help you focus this Friday during training.

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Reminder: Raising Brilliant, Kind, and Happy Kids in the Digital Age

Friday, Aug. 18th, 6:30pm

3084 Columbia Road

Medina, OH

If you enjoy our Brain Speaker during the day Friday, you may be interested in coming back for her evening session geared towards parents and understanding kids at home. Register HERE.