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December 12, 2014

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Upcoming Events/Activities

December 15th

  • 7th Grade Concert 7:00pm to 8:30pm --Auditorium

December 18th

  • Unified Theater Performance --Smile! You're On Camera--at 3:30pm--Auditorium

December 19th

  • Unified Theater Performance --Smile! You're On Camera--at 7:00pm--Auditorium


No Twitter Account Required --Please enjoy our updates for the week.

Winter Weather Cautions

As we are heading into the winter months, please be sure to take extra care in the mornings and afternoons dropping off/picking up students from KP and the surrounding neighborhoods. Snowbanks limit visibility and often constrict roads and walkways. Remember, to leave a little extra time to make sure that all of our students are safe.

November Recognition Awards

Character Counts at KP

The following students were awarded “Character Counts at KP” certificates in November! These students are honored for deeds which warrant praise and demonstrate that King Philip Middle School students continue to be respectful, responsible and good citizens. Each month those students honored with a Character Counts at KP certificate will be showcased on the wall next to the main office. Please join us in congratulating: Aleena T, Ashley J, Stone R, Luke A, Jason F, Blake M, Valentino W, Jessica N, Lauren H, Juliette L, Sean J, Sarah P, Franklin R, Rae G, Ariana E, Ava M, Laurenco L, Sophie E, Camille L, Sebastian K, Vanessa X, Andrew C, Bridget D, Jade H, Oidinai T, Desmond H, Jackson M, Nina F, Ethel D, Allison F, Benjamin B, Bridget D, Matthew B, Cole M, Jordaine W, Andrea P, Nabeel G, Mitchell P, Annabelle S, Jacqueline G, Jailyn R, Sydney B, Jonathan R, Desiree C, Ryan V, Julia V, Yingje O, Sinead M, Bailey N, John M, KaSandra H, Luke B, Jason C, Sean D, Jordan H, Colin H, Lauryn W, Emma B, Marissa L, Juliette L, Camille L, Carolin H, Emma B, Lucia P, Jack M, Olivia Z, Sydney B, Joseph D, Adrianna A, Shea F, Benny C, Guy R, Brady T, Emma D, David C, Bryana M, Jack W, Jennifer C, Shane J, Faith L, Caitlin W, Jessica J, Julian H, Lauren R, Miranda M, Jules R, Gabrielle L, Noah Y, Charlotte K, David Z, Jayden V, Jennifer C, Ian W, Vulang N, Brooks M, Jessica J, Mina D, Liana A, Yaw K, Ali A, Cai D, Charles S, Charlotte M, Brena P, Miranda M, Arielle F, Anthony P, Benjamin G, Julia T, Theodore G, Chaya B, Lillian S, Patrick S, Sadie M, Dara S, Margaret M, Beau A, Andrew S, Sadie M, Owen T, Christopher T, Samuel F, Jean-Yee L, Eli K, Kiley M, Jessica B, Julia T, Andre E, Dara S, Anthony P, Rebecca D, Michael L, Claire B, Valentina M, Hayden M, Samuel P, Rebecca D, Sarah L, Matthew R, John O, Shaun M, Amandah S, Darina S, Aislinn M, Nathan C, Samantha F, Spencer M, Jenna Z, Hayden S, Anne H, Madeline L, Liam W, Jenna S, Madison A, Salena S, Peter P, Chloe N, Gabriel S, Ava T, Ori Q, Jeremy Z, Samuel G, Alexander S, Tyra H, Jessica A, Cayden G, Daniel Z, William S, Margaret R, Luke D, Genevieve L, Tyler L, Molly Z, Isabella P, Noe C, Sophie A, Zoe B, Jack C, Chloe G and Jalissa S.

Students of the Month

Jordan F, Patrick S, Allison D, Benjamin S, Jessica J, Joshua L, Salena S, Hayden S, Delnaz A, Maximus B, Liam S, Nicoleena R, Sydney B, Michael D, Jake Z, Katie M, Charles C and Ava M.

It always gives us great pleasure to recognize our students in positive ways.

New Student Contest--Student Voices for Improving Education

From now until March 2, 2015, the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) and the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) are challenging middle and high school students across the state to develop creative videos and compelling essays (high school division only) that articulate their ideas for improving education in Connecticut. Whether they've brainstormed creative ways to increase learning opportunities outside of the classroom or have unique ideas for increasing collaboration among their peers, we want to hear about it!

We're only accepting entries in the 3rd Annual Student Voices in Education Contest until March 2, 2015 so don't delay. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each division. To learn more and to enter, visit


Giving to those in need!

Giving Update
  • As a result of the generous support of students, staff and Parents/Guardians, the 7th grade student raised $260 for the DCF Holiday Part.

  • If you'd like to give to our KP CARES fund to provide support for our needy families during this time and throughout the year please send a donation to the main office.


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Hello Parents, Guardians, Friends, Teachers and Supporters of King Philip!

For those of you who came to our Bookfair at Barnes & Noble on Wednesday, thanks so much for joining us! We had a great time hearing the musical performances, poetry readings, looking at the fantastic art work and meeting the new Assistant Principals... and of course SHOPPING!

If you missed the Bookfair, you still have an opportunity to support us by shopping online! Purchases from today through Monday, December 15th will be contributed to our Bookfair. Here’s how:

  • When you’ve finished selecting your purchases, click on your cart and begin the check-out process. On the payment page, there will be a section at the bottom that states “Check Here If This Is a Bookfair Order”. When you check the box, type in our Bookfair ID number #11443314 in the required entry field.

  • If you already have a account with a default payment method, you will only see a Checkout Summary screen. To add the Bookfair ID to the payment page, you will need to click on the Change button on the right-hand side of the Payment Section. This will take you back to the payment page, where you can enter our bookfair ID number (see bullet point above).

  • After placing your order, you can log back into your Order Summary Confirmation to check to see if the Bookfair ID number is listed on your order. If it is, everything was done correctly!

  • If you do not see a Bookfair ID number, or if you realize that you placed your order without using our Bookfair ID number, please call Customer Service at 800-962-6177 as soon as possible.

  • Provide your order number and our Bookfair ID number, and the representative will manually add your order to our Bookfair sales total.

Please note that the purchase of some items such as gift cards, textbooks, magazines, etc. is excluded from Bookfair sales totals. For more information, check the FAQs on the home page.

Please feel free to forward this email to any family and friends who would like to support our Bookfair as well. Every purchase counts!

Thanks again for supporting our Bookfair and have a great weekend!

Annie Keith & Katie Russo

Barnes & Noble Event Co-Chairs

Unified Theater Production

Please join us for this year's Unified Theater production! Our theme this year is Smile! You're On Camera. Please join us on December 18th at 3:30pm, or on December 19th at 7:00pm in the auditorium of King Philip Middle School. Through student led leadership, U.T. has been working since October to bring you a show filled with T.V. memories, and fun. Unified Theater aims to create a welcoming, inclusive environment that combines every person's unique abilities into a production of short skits. We hope, that in this season of hustle and bustle, that you will find yourself at one of our productions (Dec 18 or 19th). Tickets are free, but donations are greatly appreciated and go back into our program for future events. Hope to see you there!

Math Resources

Recently, our math teachers presented on the changes to the math curriculum due to the implementation of the Common Core math.

We are including this handout with helpful information regarding:

  • Why math is different in the Common Core
  • Key shifts called for by the Common Core
  • Helpful resources to support your child's success

Additional Resource: Parent Resources for Supporting Students' Learning Aligned to CCSS for Math


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News from the KP PTO

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Shop 4 KP

It’s not too late to order your Big Y or Stop n Shop gift cards to use when you grocery shop.

Support King Philip by purchasing grocery store gift cards for your upcoming holiday shopping. Print this order form and send the completed form and payment in to school today!


Social Media

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Want to Learn more about Twitter --check out this e-course


Have your own hour of Code at home: Great Coding Activities for the family

Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted Children (SENG)

You need not delete your social networks or destroy your cell phones, the message is simple, be balanced, be mindful, be present, be here. :)

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