Mountain Madness

Come climb Mt. Everest and save lives!

Life Changing Experience!

You come into Mountain Madness today and you will not regret it! We have professional climbers that will get you up the mountain in at least 2 weeks. This trip will only cost you 100,000, and 5,000 of your money will be used to support the Sherpas on the mountain! They live in extreme poverty and are poor, yet they are very sweet and willing to help you as you climb the mountain. Why not help them? So come climb Mt. Everest and save lives!

We have and amazing, beautiful, and enjoyable time!

Hurry in to get better quality in your climb and to help feed the starving sherpas!

We are open 24 hours to fill the needs of you to climb the mountain and to fill the stomachs of the poor sherpas!

Come on in or if you can't contact us

Do not waste anytime! The longer you wait to contact us the longer the sherpas suffer!