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What The 12 Week Challenge Is...

We have had several who have not joined the 12 Week Challenge and have not responded to our emails, so we just figured you do not want to take part in that area of the membership. If you do want to be in it, email us at

The 12 Week Challenge:

  • You focus strictly for 12 Weeks on following a weight loss plan. It can be our guideline or you can do your own.
  • We start you on a 10 Day Sugar Detox to start
  • You are teamed up with a partner to help with motivation and accountability.
  • Each day you should be logging into our closed f.b. group and website. Comment, give your ideas, report in for accountability, join groups. You will get points for all of this on the site
  • At the end of the 12 weeks, there will be 4 winners. Two are those that have the greatest percentage of weight lost and two are those who received the most points. So two ways to win!
  • Following this has helped many achieve their health goals.
  • We are giving away the downloadable Cowgirl Boss Planner with the Fitness add on. This will help you better organize your life and health. It is downloadable only, so you print it off and include it in your favorite notebook.
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Riding Challenge

We Are Starting A Riding Challenge!

If you are like me, sometimes there is not a lot of time for riding in the week! Well riding not only burns between 250-600 calories (depending what you do) per hour, it's also bonding time with your horse, so it's a win-win! The leg work and core work that riding develops, makes for a great workout. We are going to start a challenge of riding your horse at least once per week! With the weather now warming up and daylight savings time here, we have more time to ride. Click here (Or download at bottom of newsletter) to download and print off the Riding Challenge Chart. We can report in each week to see how we did. Just another way of getting fit and more time with our horses!

Recipe Ideas

LOW CARB Tortilla Recipe Ideas

Don't Forget To Share Your Favorite Recipes!

Have you joined the Cowgirl Fit Recipe Group? This is where you can share your favorite recipes and discuss your favorites. Click Here!

March Challenge - Squat

March Challenge

We are working on the squat for the rest of March. There are two options you can work on, but we would like your goal to do at least 25 squats a day and working up to 100! When the end of the month comes, we encourage you to continue! Add it to your workout. One of the best exercises for your legs that tones and strengthens is the squat. Perfect for your horseback riding! Click Here for more information!

When the 12 Weeks is over, you will notice a difference and your endurance will be amazing!