University of Texas

800 W. Campbell Road, Richardson, Texas

Traditions upheld at UT

Rubbing Cecil Greens head

students who uphold this tradition rub a statue of the founder of UT Cecil Green this process is done to give students good luck


Juneteenth is a a tradition at UT that is held on June 19th this tradition was created to celebrate the abolition of slavery in Texas in 1865 the celebration includes a complimentary barbecue lunch and music

Ceremonial Mace

This tradition is a very old and important one to UT's history the ceremonial mace was carved out of a 600 year old tree that was said to have shaded Steven F. Austin when he signed a treaty with the native americans this tradition is up held by the had of processes who carries it with him/her at various UT events the mace shows the power and authority of UT's staff and administrators