Peter the Great

The life and achievements of Peter the Great

Family Tree of Peter the Great


Michael I of Russia, Kirill Poluektovich Naryshlain, and Eudoxia Streshnera.


Alexis of Russia.


Natalya Naryshkina.

Wives: Eudoxia Lopkhina. (1689-1698)

Catherina I of Russia. (1712-1725)


Elizabeth of Russia, Alexei Petrovich of Russia, Grand Dutches Anna of Russia, Peter Petrovich, Grand Dutches Natalia Petrovich of Russia, Maria Natalia Petrovna, Pavel Petrovich, Grand Duke Alexander Petrovich of Russia, Margarita Petrovich.

Pictures of Peter the Great


Peter was born June 9, 1672, in Moscow, Russia. He was the fourteenth child of Czar Alexis. Peter ruled with his brother until he died in 1696. Peter then was declared sovereign of Russia. Russia at the time was extremely underdeveloped compared to many European countries. Russia rejected westernization. Peter would attempt to reestablish Russian as a great nation.

Peter created a strong navy, reorganized his army to western standards, improved the school system, gained greater control over the Orthodox church, and made territorial divisions of the country. Peter abolished Russia's archaic form of government and appointed a senate. The senate would make groundbreaking accomplishments in Russia's foreign policy. During Peter's reign, he acquired a lot of territory. He gained territory in Estonia, Latvia, and Finland. Also, he fought many wars with Turkey and gained access to the Red Sea. Peter established St. Petersburg on the Neva river and moved the capitol there from Moscow. Under Peter's rule, Russia became a great nation. Peter died February 8, 1725 of Gangrene.