The Sandcastle Times - Sept. 2019

"Building Strong Foundations for Lifetime of Learning"

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A message from Holly Bevilacqua, COO

A great big welcome to our new students that have joined our Carelot Family. We are very happy to begin our new school year and have lots of exciting activities planned! Our staff are working very hard getting their classrooms and programs ready for continued fun and learning! This time of year is a transition for all of starts, jobs change, the weather changes and more! Keep in mind that it is a time of change for all of us! Change is a good thing and it keeps our lives full of excitement. Enjoy the special moments with your children and cherish every minute!

Please take note of our calendar of events for easy planning. You can also check out information on our website. The site managers and executive directors are working diligently on the October through February programming for activities, special events for planning. All information will be put in the monthly newsletter and on our website.

Please be sure to take advantage of our Referral Program! Check out the flyer on our facebook page as well as in this newsletter! Who doesn't want FREE money??

Calendar of Events- Click Here!

Check out all the exciting events happening at Carelot!


Time to think about scheduling your Flu Shots! Please be advised that it is the Connecticut State Law that all children attending child care have a seasonal flu vaccine if they are between 6 to 59 months by December 31st, 2019. Please be sure your child gets their flu shot unless you have proper documentation stating they cannot get the vaccine.


Please make sure you are following your scheduled hours. This helps keep state mandated ratios in order as per the amount of staff that are scheduled. If you need to change your hours to earlier or later please give proper notice to the office so we can adjust our staff schedules. Also please make sure you are staying within the 9 ½ hour guidelines for each day that you have contracted with us.

Soon cool weather will be here. Please be sure to check your child’s extra clothes bins and bring home bathing suits and towels. It is important that your child has a change of clothes be sure you read your child’s daily to see if they need any items, we do not have spare clothes at the centers.

Please make sure you are giving a two week notice to the director for any schedule changes. Also, please be sure you call the center if your child will be late or absent. We kindly ask that you call before 9:30am. This allows for our teachers to plan their day accordingly.

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Question of the month "If you could make one wish for your child's classroom or center, what would it be?"

Don't forget to submit your answers! You have won a $25 tuition credit on your account.

It's easy to win by just emailing us an answer! $25 tuition credit!

Email your responses along with your name and the program your child attends to Thanks for helping us make our programs better! Without everyone’s input we are not able to effectively assess how our programs are doing! We appreciate you taking the time to help us assess our policies, procedures, curriculum and more!

Congrats to Nicole Roberge, Fordson’s Mother, East Lyme Center for winning the August question of the month. We thank you for your kind words!!!

PTO news....

Upcoming events:

Slumber Club- Next Slumber Club will be Saturday, Sept. 14th in East Lyme!

Fall Fundraisers:

Boon Supply-MIXED BAGS fundraiser- Sale will run from August 30 to Sept. 20. Delivery will be 2-3 weeks after the orders are submitted. Online ordering is available as well for all of your out of town family and friends.

Butterbraids, Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies, Auntie Annie's Pretzels-

Sale will run from Oct. 25 to Nov. 15. Delivery the week of Dec. 9th - just in time for the holidays.

Thanks for all of your continue Support! We are always looking for new ideas for fundraisers if you have an idea drop by the office and share it with us. Helping out with committees is easy, there are many ways to help! With your help we are able to purchase kindles and tablets for our centers allowing all our programs to participate in KIDREPORTS- digital daily reports, easy teacher/parent communication and updates on your child throughout the day. East Lyme is our first site and the other sites will soon follow.

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All around Carelot

CLUBHOUSE 2019/2020! Sign up for before and/or afterschool care now! Limited spaces available! You need to register even if you attended last year!! Call Heather or Lorraine @ 860-739-1993 Ext. 120 TODAY!!!! Programs are offered in the Waterford, New London and Griswold Elementary schools as well at The Friendship School in Waterford. All those enrolled will also received Snow day care at our East Lyme or Killingly Center.


Summer has been flying by and we can't believe it is September already! We are very excited to start the school year with some great activities such as Grandfriends Brunch, Family Collages, Graphing, Friendship murals, Good neighbor day, EL and Killingly Harvest Festival and more!

Wish list items- Drop off at any Carelot location

Any old working Ipads, Iphones or tablets for our classrooms! Recycle!

Shaving cream, Board Books, Bubble Wrap, outdoor toys (bubbles, chalk, hula hoops, balls, etc), buckets, shovels, water toys.

Private Preschool 2019-2020 School year!

Our Preschool will begin their school year curriculum on Sept. 3rd! We offer mornings, full day, 2, 3 or 5 day programs. Please be sure to sign up and share our program with family and friends. Our curriculum is based on the CTELDS (CT early learning and development standards) and NAEYC criteria for a quality learning enviroment.

Our program is rich in:

  • Social/Emotional Development
  • Physical Development and Health
  • Language and Literacy
  • Creative Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Cognition
  • Social Studies
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Carelot Children's Center, Inc.

"Building Strong Foundations for a Lifetime of Learning"

Providing education to Children ages 3 months to 12 years!