Partnership with AUPM in Malaysia

Let's make impactful exchange happen!

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I'm Han Hoong, current VP iGCP of AUPM. I know from Zi Ying (our IR Manager) that we are in progress of having partnership with your LC. For us, we think it's necessary to properly introduce our LCs before we move forward in our partnership.

I have been in AIESEC for three terms, from JE iGCP to VP TM and to VP iGCP. I went to an exchange to Nepal last winter. From being an EP buddy to becoming an EP myself, I know by experience how impactful an exchange can be for an ordinary student like me. By far, my exchange still remains the best memory of mine. I learn more about myself, found my life purpose and made close friends through exchange, and I want it to be the same for all the EPs under our LC.

Starting off my term, it's a great privilege for me to gather a bunch of passionate youths to be part of my team. The photo that you see above, is our team. I can proudly say that all of us share the same vision, to deliver the best exchange experience for our EPs. We initiate new idea and work our ass off to ensure that we provide activities that enable EPs to have fun while learning and contribute to Malaysian society. With the preparation that we had, we can assure that the exchange experience will be a satisfying and life-changing journey for the EPs.

Check out the experiences that we want to provide to EPs below:

What we want our EPs to experience are:

Our plan and deliverables are here!

Check this spreadsheet out! Here you can find our plan for EP throughout their exchange journey.

Yet, best exchange experience can't be done by us only!

The best exchange experience will never happen without the support from both sending and hosting entity. We are ready to make this happen, yet we still need to get support from your side.

First support we need: applications.

By far the applications that we get are randomly through EXPA, but not from our partners - your LC. This question comes in my mind, "If we are partners, then why the experience is not being delivered to the EPs in your LC?"

We want this partnership to be sustainable and long term for both sides. We want the EPs of your LC become ambassadors of GCP in the future, and AIESEC in UPM can be the top choice of projects for your EPs in the future. To make this happen, sufficient application is a must.

We believe that we have to do something in driving more applications for our project as well. Therefore, feel free to let us know if:

  • there is any support needed from us to attract your EPs in going for exchange in Malaysia
  • we need to adjust the number of EPs that your side can provide as discussed previously

Second support we need: experience co-delivery.

After the matching has been closed, we will need to have another discussion to align expectations and deliverables from both side.

For our side, we will provide Pre-realization Webinar to assist in exchange preparation and get to know the EPs and AIESECers in the same project. For your side, we can discuss on content alignment for OPS and IPS, so that the EPs can have continuous and on-track learning that prepare them before their exchange.

However, for current stage we will focus on application first. The discussion of experience co-delivery will be initiated after the matching peak closes.

Let's make partnership more effective

It's a long email, and we truly appreciate you for spending your time on reading it. We just feel that we don't want the partnership to be FAILED in the end, just because we did not communicate enough. We have prepared for a long time in making sure the EPs get good experience. We believe that we can co-create lots of amazing experiences for EPs with sending entities. But it all will be a waste, if nobody puts in effort in making sure the partnership happens.

From our side, we believe it's time to emphasize on how eager and passionate we are in making this partnership happens! We wish that you are with us too! If you have lost interest in partnering with us, do feel free to let us know the reasons. In AIESEC we should always help each other grow and develop, and we will really appreciate your feedback!

If you have anything to clarify on, feel free to contact:

That is all from us. Thank you!