Fennec fox

Vulpes zerda

The Fennec Fox

The Fennec Fox is a common fox but it's really small so small that some people pass them without knowing that they were there. The Fennec fox has giant bat ears that help them find their prey at night. It's good for them to be small to some predators can't see them.

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Domain Eukarya: The Domain contains animal cells and each cell has a nucleus. The animals can be a single-celled or multicellular.

Kingdom Animalia: All animals except sponges are made up of cells organized into tissues. Animals in this kingdom move very fast and they are capable of complex and relatively rapid movement compared to plants and other organisms. This Kingdom contains animals as BIG as a whale and as SMALL as insects.

Phylum: Fennec Foxes are part of a group class called chordates that are organisms with a structure named notochord. Some of their characteristics are: The Bilateral Symmetry, The Fennec Foxes have the three germ layer, and they have a segmented body.

Subphylum: Fennec Foxes are Vertebrates which also include fish, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and mammals. They share something called a vertebral column, or the chain of bony elements. The Fennec Fox has a replacement for the notochord.

Class: Fennec Foxes are in the mammal class which animals in that class produce milk for their babies. The mammal share 3 characteristics 1 is hair, 2 is the three middle ear bones and 3rd is well the milk.

Order: The Fennec Fox is in the class mammalia but that class includes about 5000 species placed in 26 ORDERS! The Systematists don't yet agree on the exact number for the order and families. Other orders include bats, marsupial mammals, primates, dolphins and whales.

Family: This family is represented by 14 genera and 34 species. The Fennec Fox are primarily medium-sized flesh eaters. They can kill their prey by grabbing the neck and tackling them to the ground. Due to their habitat the Fennec Fox has adapted more for endurance than speed.

Genus: Their Genus name is Vulpes.

Species: Fennec Fox are in the family canidae which include Coyotes, dogs, foxes, jackals, and wolves. This family represents 14 genera with 34 species. The Fennec Fox lives with their family also each family is up to 10 Fennec Foxes per family. Fennec Foxes prove that they can play remarkably agile for their small structures.

More Research

The average weight of the Fennec Fox is 1.5 kg and their average length is 30 cm. The color of the tip of the tail is black and the fox's underbelly is very white. The Fennec Fox has a cream color fur. Also the dentition is weak, similar to the bat-eared foxes. The Foxes are smaller than an average house cat! The foxes ears help their body cool during the heat. The mother's babies stay is her belly for about 50 days! The animals that eat Fennec Foxes are Eagle owls, Caracals, Jackals, and striped Hyenas, among others.

Fun Facts

The mother breeds 2 - 4 cubs every year. It is the smallest fox ever to be found. The foxes ears look like bunny ears and their ears are around 6 inches long. The Fennec Fox are omnivores so they eat reptiles, insects, rodents and plants (you can find how they get their food in the family) . The fur protects the feet so the feet doesn't get burned by the hot sand and help them dig to their homes (their homes are underground). They have thick fur so their warm during the night! Fennecs live together The fox can live up to 10 years.