Ms. Stilwell's Update

What's Happening in the Keller EI Program

Important Dates to Remember

March: 18 - PJ and Stuffed Animal Day (note - stuffed animals WILL NOT be allowed in the

classroom until the designated reading time)

24 - Dress As Your Favorite Book Character Day

25 - Good Friday....NO SCHOOL

29 - Open House 6:30pm

31 - Dress in Grade Level Color Day (I will specify colors closer to the date)



Writers Workshop

Cross-Curricular Writing: Connecting Writing and Science

This marking period, we have decided to integrate our writing piece with our current science unit. Ms. Papa is teaching the students about the Food Chain level by level, which started out with Producers, or those that are able to produce their own food/products for consumers. The students are so engaged with this unit that we decided a natural transition would be to have them write their informative paper about PRODUCERS!!! So far, we are putting together a ton of knowledge between grade levels about producers. Below are some photos of our students actively engaged in Writers Workshop.

Using Technology In Reading

Utilizing The iPad for Scholastic News

Our students absolutely LOVE their grade level Scholastic Magazines. So, in an effort to create smoother transitions in between subjects, as well as to make reading more enjoyable, we downloaded the Scholastic Magazine App onto our classroom ipads (free in the app store if you would like to add it at home). Now we are able to let each student listen and follow along with their grade level magazine, as well as watch videos relevant to the articles and play quiz games to test their comprehension. Below are some pictures of the students utilizing this technology throughout their work day.

NOTE - if you download the app and would like the grade level classroom password for your student, please do not hesitate to let me know!! I will be happy to provide you with that information.