Decision Making Processes

By: Holly Porta

Process #1: Painful

This decision making process wastes time and emotion, and a decision is never reached. The decision is usually forced upon someone or left to chance for the outcome. This process is difficult and will not be helpful for anyone involved, a different strategy should be used, such as a planning strategy.
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Process #2: Impulsive

This decision making process involves no planning and it lacks attention to goals, strengths, and weaknesses. This decision is made too quickly and could end up being a wrong/bad decision and cause many conflicts. This strategy is also not helpful, a different approach to making a decision should be used, such as a planning strategy.
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Process #3: Compliant

This decision making process is when someone lets others decide and make the decision. The decision maker does not have "ownership" and is not in charge of the decision. The person supposed to make the decision is not fully committed, they should try a different decision making process to make a better decision for themselves, such as a planning strategy.
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Process #4: Delaying

In this decision making process, someone procrastinates and delays their decision, and this can cause negative outcomes and a loss of control over the decision. Someone puts off deciding their decision and it could end up changing their outcomes or can be left to chance if they wait too long. A different process, such as a planning strategy, is better for the decision maker and what they choose.
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