Never giving up

By: Uzair Khan


33 minors got trapped from August to October. They did not have any food and did not have water. They all persevered by not giving up and dying, they tried their best to stay alive and they all survived luckily and were saved many days later

The Story Of Eleanor Roosevelt

Even though Eleanor had fights like depression she still managed to have strength in her and help people all around the world.
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Timeline of Trapped

Over here it shows the timeline of how long it took to rescue the 33 miners.
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Differences of MLK and Jackie Robinson

Here it shows how Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King Jr. are different and alike.
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Jackie Robinson's Career Highlight

Jackie went from getting tortured to being cheered on. He was an amazing person and when he would get tortured he wouldn't fight back like others. He would use peace.
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The Sandy Road

The Sandy Road is a book based on men who go to a desert but then run out of water. They soon start to look for water but unfortuantly fail to find any water. After trying and trying they finally found water. Basically these men persevered by not giving up.