Stella Nation

is going to ROCK the summer challenge!

Have You Heard?

At Hoopla we learned about so many fabulous programs on the horizon to make our businesses bigger, better, stronger, faster (there's a dance in there somewhere!).

We are going to want to fill our calendars in July and August to the max. Starting on October 1st our Hostesses will have access to special Stella & Dot products that ONLY THEY can purchase. So.... why might you ask should we fill July and August if they're not available until October? Let us list the reasons:

  1. Stella & Dot is kicking off a 6 week Rock the Summer Challenge, July 22nd-August 31st, so that we as stylists can earn the Holiday Hostess Exclusives for FREE!!! If we have them to wear then we can use them as booking tools at trunk shows or just walking around town. By booking in July and August it will help us fill our September Calendars.
  2. If we have full calendars in July and August we will have lots of new contacts to call to book our September shows. And, all of our September hostesses will be able to have access to the Holiday Hostess Exclusives. So if they host in September they will be the VERY 1ST ones to have access to them come October 1st. (ie if someone hosts in December they won't have access to their exclusives until their show). By expanding your who do you know list in the next 6 weeks you'll have a fabulous "valid business reason" to call these new contacts to get a date on the calendar September or beyond.

Click HERE to sign up for the program and get updates about the program all in one place!

How We're Going to Do It!

Is the possibility of earning up to $400 in product from the Rock your Summer Challenge not enough? Ok... let me add something to sweeten the pot! How about a statement piece?

This is an individual challenge BUT if you work better in pairs partner up and pace together.
Here are the details in order to participate
  1. Must sign up for the Rock your Summer Challenge
  2. Stella Nation 7 Days of Sunshine Summer Booking Challenge begins on Monday July 22nd- Sunday July 29th
  3. The challenge is simple... for every show you book July or August you get an entry. Book 1= 1 entry, Book 10 in the next 6 weeks get 10 entries!!!!
  4. I'll start a post on our FB team page (if you're not on FB you can email me). Comment as you get shows and I'll add SUNSHINES to the poster board with your name on it. Let's ROCK THIS!!!!!

The Prize!...