Sweet Times in Second Grade

Mrs. Frenzel's Class

Here's what's happening...

In Math...

We're practicing math facts. So far we've played: The Addition Table Game, The Daisy Game, and The Frog Pond Game. Everyone is having fun practicing math facts, and working cooperatively in groups.

Reading at Home Can Make a HUGE Difference!

Family time is so important. Why not make reading a part of family time. Here are some tips for integrating reading into our daily family activities:

Read bedtime stories.

Play a board game.

Visit your local library.

Read a recipe and cook something yummy together!

Create a comfy reading space in your home.

Put your child in charge of reading the grocery list at the store.

Writer's Workshop

I'm planning a very special event for our class this month. Our first Author's Tea will be September 23rd. We will celebrate by reading each other's stories, and having High Tea. Everyone is working on writing as many details as they can about a memory. You can help your child by having a discussion about: all of the details in that special memory, who said what, how did they feel, and the order of events. Encourage your child to go back on their writing and add more sentences. If you're interested in sending something for the Author's Tea, please email me.