Pay 2, Choose 1, Win 5

By:Ethan Parks and Clayton Aultman


· Roll a twenty- sided die and try to get an even number.

· If you get an even, advance and try to pick an even number from a deck of twenty cards. (face cards don’t count)

· If you pick an even number, advance and try to pick which cup the ball is in.

· Entry fee:$2

· Prize:$5


After doing 20 trials, we found that 2 people won out of every 20 (2/20 or 1/10). If this is true, 12 people would win out of 120 (12/120 or 1/10). The theoretical probability though is 1 winner out of 120 (1/120). This means that more people win when actually playing then when we calculated in theory. Since we are charging $2 to play and giving $5 to all winners, we would get $240 and have to give back only $5 (theoretically), we would make a $235 profit is 120 people played. This is why our game should be picked; we make a huge profit. Not only do we make a profit, but our game is appealing and can become addictive to players, so we’re almost guaranteed a lot of money. And finally, we don’t want any of the money! All profits go towards the school. So that is why you should pick our game.