Room 555 News

Mrs. Andrews' Class | Rodeo Hills Elementary | January 2016

Happy New Year

Parents and Students,

Welcome back from Winter Break! I hope that many of you were able to complete the Winter Break Homework Packet that is due Tuesday, January 5th. Remember that if the entire packet is complete you may choose any $5 Scholastic book, or may turn in partially complete packets for a consolation prize.

I also hope that you were all able to keep up on your reading. So many of you have shown growth in your reading comprehension since the beginning of the year, but reading is a skill that needs constant and consistent practice. Remember that every student is expected to reach 40 AR points at 85% or higher by February 26th. Many of you have met this goal already or are very close. Happy Reading!

Character Counts: This month we will focus on FAIRNESS | "Fair doesn't mean giving every child the same thing. Fairness is giving each person what they need to succeed." ~ Rick Lavoie

2016 - Year of Tech | Front Row Ed and Kidblog

This year, our class will be focusing on reaching standards while using technology to create, collaborate, and grow. I will be introducing students to Front Row Ed for Math and Kidblog. These sites will be accessed during class time, but students are welcome to use these sites at home once we have begun using them in the classroom.

Front Row is a Common Core-aligned, personalized math practice that addresses students' weaknesses and builds off of their strengths. It is designed to increase confidence and promote growth in ALL students regardless of their ability level.

  • To login from home go to and type in the class code gwe2ut. Students must type in their full first and last name (Ex. Destiny Andrews). All passwords are: class555.

Kidblog is a resource for student blogging that helps students publish writing safely online. Students exercise digital citizenship in a secure and private classroom blogging space. I will monitor all activity before it can be posted in this blogging community.

  • To login from home, go to
  • Students should be able to select their name from a drop down menu. All passwords are: class555.
  • To join via use the join code is 93hy5c7. Students must enter their full first name, a space, and their last name initial (Ex. Destiny A).

I am very excited to see how the students engage and grow with these new platforms. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Student Corner | A Book Review by Jada Johnson

My Book Report | Ava and Pip by Carol Weston

This book is called Ava and Pip. This book is funny. I know how it's funny because Pip told Ava a really funny joke. It was, "Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven ATE nine!" So please read this book. It's really good and funny, but the most important think in this book that it's trying to teach you. It's trying to teach you to think before you do. So again read this book. This book is by Carol Weston.

Number of pages: 211

AR Level: 4.7

Points: 5.0

Genre: Fiction

December Congratulations

Congratulations to our entire class for achieving What A Line for the month of December. A What A Line is awarded to classrooms who show leadership in following the rules in being safe, responsible, and respectful while walking in line.

Also congratulations to our Student of the Month, Emily Gutierrez, and honorable mentions, Ranveer Kang and Jeanelle Ramos, for showing responsibility for the month of December. You are awesome!

I will continue to keep my eye out for stand out students for the month of January.