UNC Chapel Hill

School and Career Project

Reason for choosing this school

  • Family generation of Tar Heel fans.
  • First family member to go to a popular university.
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Tuition and Total Cost

  • In state tuition- $8,340
  • Room and Board- $10,008=
  • Total Cost- $18,348

Location, Distance, and Size

  • Location- Chapel Hill, NC 27599
  • Distance- 1 hour 21 minutes and 83.1
  • Campus Size- 729 acres
  • Population-29,278 students
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Traditions, Mascot, and School Colors

  • Naked Run- When seniors, mainly males, meet at the library and run through campus naked.
  • The Old Well- Every semester students line up on the sidewalk to drink from the old drinking fountain
  • Mascot- Rameses
  • School colors- white and Carolina blue
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  • GPA- 3.2 on a 4 scale
  • SAT- 642 verbal, 660 math
  • ACT- 29 composite

Extracurricular Activities

Sports Clubs Executive Board- a committee of student leaders that represent the Sports Club program. These students are chosen by the sports club staff and are provided with student leadership and involvement to the program.
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Area of study

  • Pre-Med.- 5,680 applicants; 4,692 Out of State, 988 in State.
  • 671 applicants interviewed; 119 Out of State, 552 In State.

Graduation Rate and Possible Career Choice

  • About 75% of freshmen usually graduate
  • Pediatrician: Daily Task- Continue school after college and go to medical school.
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Connection between school, degree, and career choice

  • I like working with children and I hate seeing sick children. This degree is right for me because I want to be a doctor and I have take medical classes to get where i need to be.

Average Salary and Benefits of a Peditrician

  • Average Salary- $130,629 per year
  • Benefits- You get paid on holidays if you're not working on those days.
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