American Revolution

Jon Reaman

Common Sense

This was a book written by the British Citizen Thomas Paine, persuaded thousands to join the revolution.This book paved the way for the Declaration of Indepndence, which was written the same year.


The patriots were the men of America,being patriotic who craevd for independece from Britain. All of the founding fathers were patriots along with all the soldiers of the Continental Army.

Boston Tea Party

Directly after the Tea Act of 1773 was passed, the sons of Liberty planned revenge against the British Government. The sons of Liberty dressed up as indians and dumped more than a million of todays money worth of tea into the Boston Harbor.
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Boston Massacre

Depicted by the famous engraving by Paul Revere, several British soldiers open fired on a group of protesters in Boston.It took place in 1770 ending the lives of five colonists.
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Founding Fathers

The founding fathers consisit of the men who signed the declaration of independence, fought in the Continental Army, and a few of the first presidents. Some of the founding fathers are Patrick Henry, Geroge Washington, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, and Samuel Adams.
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