Future Inclusive Housing

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Parks and playgrounds

There will be more facilities and amenities for all ages as the population will increase and cater to the needs of multi-generational families. There will be more elderly rapidly ageing and hence, parks are provided to encourage them to exercise and spend their time more meaningfully to lead an active and balance lifestyle with their families. Children will also be provided with playgrounds as exercising is important and crucial for their daily activities and growth. Lastly, there will be more attracting places in a housing area to give the people a sense of belonging such as community activities and gatherings and bond with more people.

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Affordable housing

There will be even more variety of housing types for catering to different income groups. The flats are also priced at a reasonable cost such that the families and elderly still have sufficient income for their basic needs. Financial schemes have been introduced to lower the costs of flats to help low-income families to pay for their house. With today's advanced technology, the future Housing Block flat can help people like the elderly to manage their utilities consumption, monitor and help facilitate home rehabilitation exercises.

source: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/housing/future-hdb-homes-could-come-with-technologies-that-aid-homeowners


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