Second Language Acquisition


The Why

Strategic Design

Everything we do must be designed with three purposes:

o Engage our students

o Prepare them for the XXI Century

o Allow our students to create their own thriving future


In our case, the who is part of the why

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Community


Program Design

  • Research
  • Deployment
  • Community considerations - Parental Involvement
  • Program Integration

Campus and Central Admin Support and Leadership

  • The right teacher for the right assignment
  • Biliteracy – Academic Language Profiency
  • Biculturalism
  • Disruptive and Change Agent

Specific Support

  • Specific Curriculum tailored for the program
  • Language Acquisition Specific Strategies - SIOP - Background - Context - Vocabulary - BICS - CALPS
  • Higher Level Thinking + Creativity
  • High rigor instruction