MIDI Designer 1.7

29 Updates Later, We're Ready for Winter

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We launched in January of 2012. Three years, 29 updates and hundreds of thousands of downloads later: MD boasts a thriving community based around a trusted, mature platform for building MIDI controllers.

1.7 includes platform enhancements for performance and design, providing new vocabulary and possibilities for even deeper controller construction.

Users have spent tens of thousands of hours designing MIDI Designer layouts, and the latest advances ensure they'll stick around for hundreds of thousands more.

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Awards, Nice Community

We've been featured on the home page of Apple for over a month, seen on stage with Todd Rundgren, and lauded by several publications including Sound on Sound, Sonic State, Recording Magazine and DJ Tech Tools.

MIDI Designer handles very difficult problems with a very easy-to-use paradigm (super and subcontrols).

But it's our users that we're most proud of.

Our users share layouts for 50+ MIDI targets -- both hardware and software -- and use tens of thousands more. They ask and answer interesting and technical questions about MIDI Designer. And they are nice, because MIDI Designer is all about ease of use. And that core principle makes for an open platform that users enjoy thinking about, working with and talking about.

MIDI Designer

It's not just a MIDI controller. It's a MIDI controller platform. Users trust us in the studio, on stage, and in any context that control is needed. Recently, we were big on the set of a Big-Three TV show for Lighting Design. And we're always learning about what we can do from our users, and what you need.

For all the information on 1.7, check out the change log.