Math Empowers Grade 3

Middletown Township Public Schools

Third Grade: Third Trimester: 2017-2018

The school year is quickly wrapping up! In the last trimester, third graders are deepening their conceptual understanding of division, delving into measurement and finishing with two dimensional shapes. Be sure to check out the resources below to support these areas.

Mistakes... a learning opportunity for all?

When carefully chosen with purpose in mind, one student's error can become a learning opportunity for all. In the NCTM article, "Inspection Worthy Mistakes", readers will learn how and why to choose mistakes to benefit the learning of a larger audience rather than the individual student. Read on to learn how to make mistakes matter for all.

Depth of Knowledge

Frequently parents, students and teachers believe students need to be challenged further. Surely, this is true. Instead of looking for other activities or content, consider the depth of the students' knowledge rather than the amount of their knowledge. This chart differentiates between the levels of knowledge commonly knows as Webb's Depth of Knowledge.

Looking for ways to engage students?

Which One Doesn't Belong? activities effectively promote mathematical discourse among students. Students enjoy the images and are motivated to share mathematical reasoning to support Which One Doesn't Belong? Check out this amazing resource shared by Dr. Milou at a recent professional development.

Math Instruction Resource Document

Be sure to explore the Math Instruction Resource Document while planning lessons.

Specifically for the last trimester, Graham Fletcher's "All Aboard" 3-Act Lesson (listed within the Engage section of 7.1) and Math Antics Video, "Explanation of Polygons," (listed within the Engage section of in 12.3) are two favorite resources for the content covered.

This year, the Elementary Math Specialists have added many Numberless Word Problems and Enrichment activities for every grade level based on teacher feedback from last year's survey. Be sure to check them out as well!

Summer DreamBox Challenge 2018

This summer's DreamBox Challenge is all about growth! Persevere through the tough lessons and grow your brain this summer! The school with the greatest growth percentage wins the Summer DreamBox belt! The competition runs July 8 through September 1. Check out the summer flyer here.

Incorporate Growth Mindset into your summer reading list!

Changing the way we talk to our kids is one step towards helping to reinforce the message of a growth mindset. Another is to read books to kids with stories that convey a similar message.

Click here for a list of fourteen books that let kids know it’s OK to not at first succeed, that failure and challenges can be viewed as opportunities rather than dead ends, and that determination often results in a far better outcome than being perfect.

Questions, concerns, resources to share? Contact:

Melanie Tindall

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Lincroft Elementary School

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