Where it from

Where it comes from

Garlic is native to Central Asia but used in the Mediterranean region. Ancient Egyptians used it for culinary and medical purposes

What part we uses

We uses the bulb of the garlic. It is crushed up and mixed in with medicines to the patient

Garlic kale salad

Sweet or Savory?

savory and sweet garlic can be added to almost any dish.

It is used for its pungent flavor as a seasoning or condiment.

fresh or dried?

you can use garlic in fresh or dried form. they are both good for cooking.


it is used for treating cough and neutral antibiotic. reduces blood pressure and helps circulation. it was the most used medical plant in ancient times.

Random facts

Some people Viewed garlic as white magic and thought it would save them from demons, werewolves and vampire.

In religous thing nuns were not allowed to have garlic or chill spice because it is counted as a earthly thing