2015 in a Flash

Sports & Entertainment Marketing -Ester M.

Three companies that marketed themselves the best and why?

Apple is the number one technology company that has marketed themselves the best in 2015. With Apple releasing their new iPhone's design many people have fell in love with it.

Nike is the leading shoe company that has marketed their products the best, since they released their first pair of shoes.

Many soda commercials seen on TV are from Coca-cola. Everyone knows the drink Coca-Cola from the US to other countries in the world!

What are two of the best products that were introduced in 2015?

1. Hoverboard

2. iPhone 6s

What are two of the worst products that were introduced in 2015?

1. Tropical Smoothie's Avocolada

2. Apple Watch

What were the top two movies of 2015 and how they were marketed?

1. Star wars had a huge come back in 2015. They marketed Star wars with many commercials shown on TV and on phones. Another great way they marketed the movie was to create a trailer that would get everyone's attention.

2. Fast and Furious has always been popular. Furious 7 has had the biggest hit in all of the movies in the series. With the death of Paul Walker everyone was waiting for the release of Furious 7; which was a way to market the movie.

What were the top two musical artists of 2015 and how did they market their music?

1. Adele had a come back with her new song "Hello." The lyrics of "Hello" are very touching. The lyrics create a connection with the audience. Also another way they advertised "Hello" was that it was seen everywhere. For example: twitter, Facebook and on the radio.

2. Luke Bryan dominates the country music world. His number one way to advertise his music is to have a connection with his fans through social media and other apps. Through this technique it brings more fans to love his music.

Top 10 highest-paid athletes 2015

1. Floyd Mayweather Total earnings: £193m

2. Manny Pacquiao Total earnings: £103m

3. Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid Total earnings: £51m

4. Lionel Messi, Barcelona Total earnings: £47.5m

5. Roger Federer Total earnings: £43m

New Year's Resolution

Personal Improvements: Have more energy throughout the day.

Family and Friends: Go out with my friends to new places.

School and the Outside World: Procrastinate less while doing homework.