Claim: Neil Armstrong National Hero

Reasons on how Neil Armstrong is a National Hero

Evidence: On Paragraph 11 Line 2-3 it states that "The news of his death was met with tributes and moments of silence. President Obama said Armstrong was among the greatest of American heroes."

This the evidence that we found because it explains on how they respected Armstrong by a moment of silence and even Obama the President said that he is among of the most greatest of Americans Heroes.

Evidence 2: In Paragraph 7 line 1 it states " On July 20, 1969, Armstrong fulfilled the decade-long promise when he stepped out onto the moon's surface. "

This evidence proves that he was a hero because he was the first ever person to step on the moon which many people though would have never been done.

Facts on Neil Armstrong

1. Neil Armstrong actually got his pilot license at the age of 16, before he got his drivers license!

2. Neil Armstrong was the first ever human to land on the moon!

3. He is a reclusiveness person who never likes talking to the public a lot.

4. He was fascinated by planes ever since he was a little kid.

5. Neil Armstrong first's words on the moon was "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

" A true American Hero. "