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At the upcoming principal's meeting we are going to be spending some time together on T-PESS. If you want to hold off doing anything until that meeting that is fine. We are flexible to extend the date that your goals are due if you need it. With this being the first year of implementation, we will take some time to get to know the process. I look forward to spending some more time diving in and getting familiar with the instrument.

Remember that your CIP can still be a draft at your first CIP meeting. It is ok to not have it completely finished and let your committee give some input, that buys you some time to get your first meeting in and still be able to tweak your plan after.

I know there are so many things going on and many deadlines right now. Let me know how I can help.

Upcoming Dates


September 11th, RHHS and RHS games at AT&T stadium

September 16th-Early Release-(Campus Led)

September 21-Board meeting-(Those with BEST teachers need to attend)

September 23rd-Principal's meeting

September 30th-FAIR DAY!

October 1st -Self-Assessment and T-PESS goals due (we will complete together at Prin meeting)

October 5-Board work session (Not required to attend)

October 19-Board meeting (Required attendance)

Victory is yours!! Keep taking the next step forward and remember your purpose!

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