Pesach (Passover)

By: Melanie Keane, Corlene Guenard, and Jackson Clark

April 14-22 is when Passover takes place.

How is Pesach Related to Judaism

The Passover is related to major judaism beliefs because it celebrates the israelites freedom from the pharaoh of Egypt. The Egyptian pharaoh enslaved israelites for decades until… G-d sent moses a jewish prophet to tell the pharaoh to set them free. the pharaoh refused and so G-d sent ten plagues to make the pharaoh suffer. G-d's tenth plague was killing all first born children of Egypt. but he spared israelite kids “passing over” them. this is why Passover is called Passover.

Rituals of the Passover

During Passover you do not eat any food made from grain or water this is called first two nights of Passover are called seder nights they are the main part of Passover. during Chametz. but during Passover you are allowed to eat matzah which is unleavend flat bread. the seder nights you eat matzah, you eat bitter herbs, drink four cups of wine(or grape juice), and recite the Haggadah.

The Haggadah

Did You Know?

There are two Passovers. The second one is called Pesach Sheni. Theres always a second chance to celebrate the Passover. The month after Pesach theres a second Passover where you can celebrate Pesach if you missed the first one.

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