Real Life Church

A Real Church, With Real People, On a Real Mission!

Why "Real Life"

People frequently ask us, “Why the name… Real Life”? it´s a good question. One that requires a little space to answer. The name, first and foremost, refers to the fact that “real life” is only found in Jesus Christ (John 14:6). It also reminds us that the real church exists in the context of real life. In fact you´ll hear us laugh about that most anytime something doesn´t quite go as planned (“that´s just real life”). When you walk into our building, you´ll immediately see what we mean. The carpets are frayed, there´s unfinished projects everywhere, and the whole building looks well used. We like it that way, because it reminds us that we´re just passing through on our way to God´s eternal home for us. And that´s the final picture we want people to see. Our real life, the one that God has created us to enjoy forever, comes after we leave this mortal existence. In order for us to enjoy that future though we have to find a relationship with Jesus now. If you want to know Him check out the “Know God” and come visit us this Sunday.