Coastal plains!

of Texas


Since it is the coastal plains, there are lots of beaches and other water formations. The most known is Galviston bay and Gulf of Mexico. The major industries is farming and ranching, because of the quality of the soil. Fishing is also an industy, but not as major as farming and ranching. The majority of people there are native American, because a large indian tribe named the Karankawa indians were living around the Texas Coast Gulf of Mexico area. A major city in the coastal plains is Houston. Houstan came to be there because to NY real estate producers were looking for a place to build a "great center of government and commerce." In August 1836, they finally settled on the coastal plains, and statrted by purchasing 6,862 acres of land, which would soon become Houston. A popular natural destination is the Gulf of Mexico, the ocean stretching across the Coastal plains.