What you didn't know about zoo's

The major flaws of the popular tourist attraction

Why support this Campaign?

Every year, hundreds of millions of people visit popular zoo's to see their favourite animals and spend the day with their families, but not many people fully understand the cruelty that is involved in these tourist attractions. While people look into different enclosures they don't realise that the animals they are watching experience significant behavioural problems on a daily basis. The reality is, animals in zoo's just aren't happy. Studies have proven that:

~ Zoo's are miserable places for animals

~ Zoo's cant provide sufficient space

~ Animals suffer in zoo's

~ Animals die prematurely in zoo's

~ Animals are still taken from the wild

~ Zoo's don't serve conservation

~ Zoo's fail conservation

~ Animals are trained to perform tricks

Walk for Wildlife aims to raise awareness about zoo cruelty and turn every zoo into open range areas to increase the animals happiness and comfort while keeping the popular tourist attractions running. This allows both the animals and the consumers to be satisfied.

Walk for Wildlife

Sunday, June 7th, 11am

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, VIC

Walk for Wildlife has organised a walkathon to raise awareness and educate people on zoo cruelty. It involves a scenic 10km walk around the rural suburbs of Melbourne and an area dedicated to close contact with wildlife at the end of the run.