Wanted Killers To True Hero's?

By: Amanda Yousef (Made in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1965.)

Wanted Killers Turn Into True Hero's?

During Friday afternoon, In Tulsa, Oklahoma there was a terrifying, deadly church fire on top of Jay, Mountain. No one knows how it first started, but in the frightening church fire, 5 young kids were trapped inside after a picnic they had with their class. Turns out, the teachers weren't watching carefully and hesitated to come into action. Not until 2 wanted victims for murder, 14 year old PonyBoy Curtis and 16 year-old Johnny Cade jumped into heroic action in the blazing church fire to save the children. As soon as they got all of them, PonyBoy Curtis made it out but Johnny Cade didn't make it fully out in time. He was soon taken out and immediately put into the hospital along with PonyBoy Curtis. Can these 2 young brave but wanted for felony murder young men be true hero's after this heroic act?

And that's our story from Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1965

Coming soon the murderous act of Bob Sheldon.

(But read more down below of unanswered questions of these 2 young boys)

What Happens Next?

After the devastating church fire which subtly crashed down into burning flames, what happens next to the 2 young boys of the felony murder of Bob Sheldon? The heroic act they've bravely done, will this help their jail charges? But where did they come from? How did they know about the fire and they came out of no where to go and save the young children? Many questions left unanswered for these two young boys and their back round lives.