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Moving from Talking to Doing | MeetUp October 8, 2015

Info about the Meetup

Before We Kick Things Off

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Welcome & Vision for our Time

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  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • Outreach

Message from our Awesome Sponsors

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Activity: Low-Tech Social Network Part I

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Low-Tech Social Network

1. Take your card and draw an avatar to represent you

2. Add 3 #'s that represent the things you are most interested in (i.e. #betterprofessionallearning #sketchnotes #educhange

3. Add your name at the bottom of the card and add it to our low-tech social network

Repeat steps for any organizations in the space.

Make connections

Link to Activity Inspiration

Discussion: What is happening in your world?

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Activity: How might we bring together pockets of innovation?

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Reflection & Call to Action: I will...

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Homework: EdTechWomen Google Map

Add your info to the Community Map

  • Interests: What are you most interested in?
  • Organizations: What organizations are you affiliated with?
  • Available for: What type of work/collaborative efforts/conversations are you open to?
  • Contact: Where is the best place to connect with you? (optional)

Open Network

The Co-Organizers