Firefox: The Overall Best Browser

Full explanation on how Firefox is the best browser.

Completely Open and Written For Users

Since the redesign of the browser, Firefox has become the leader of the browser race for many reasons. To this day, Firefox is the only browser that is written for users and serves as an open web. No other browser is completely open like this at the moment.

Crashes Are Not An Issue

Unlike other browser, if Firefox crashes and you open it back up, the browser will not overload and crash if you have too many tabs open. This is because when ever the browser is re-opened you can choose which tabs you want to be loaded back up by simply clicking on one.

New And Improved

Chrome is no longer the fastest browser on the internet. A recent test by Tom's Hardware made it clear that Firefox both loads up faster and loads pages faster. In conclusion, Firefox should now be the number one choice when it comes to choosing a web browser.