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Italy is a peninsula located in the Mediterranean. Unlike the geography of Greece Italy helped to unite people.

Rome Conquered

Rome conquered all of Italy , Carthage , Macedonia , Greece , and parts of Asia Minor.

Pax Ramana

The Pax Ramana is the 200 year peace that began with Augustus. The Pax Ramana literally means Roman peace.

12 Tables

-If you are called to appear in court you have to go. If you don't you can be arrested and forced to go

-If you need a witness in court and they refuse to go you can stand in front of their house and shout out how they are refusing to do their duty as a citizen. You can do this once every three days

-Should a tree on a neighbor's farm be bent by the wind and lean over onto your farm, you can go to court and get the tree cut down.

-If fruit falls from your trees it is yours no matter where it falls.
-If you lied in court you would be thrown off of the Tarpeian Rock

Roman Art & Architecture

Roman Art and Architecture barrowed Greek concepts. Roman sculpture played an important part of the Roman daily life. One of the most popular types of sculpture in Ancient Rome was the bust. The walls of the homes of wealthy Romans were often decorated with paintings.

Fall Of The Roman Empire

Military- The Roman army lacked training and discipline.

Social- People became selfish and lazy.

Economic- Heavy taxes

Political- Divided empire became weak.

The Decline and Fall of Roman Empire
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