Melinda Ruggles

Describe the animal

Tiger is the largest member of the cat family. Tigers usually weigh around 420 pounds, and are around 9 feet long. Tigers are marked by black stripes and their coats are usually brownish-yellow to orange-red.


Where does it live? Habitats?

Most wild tigers will usually be found only in Asia. Tigers usually live in almost any habitat. Rainforests, marshes, swamps, and even snowy regions.


Who are its enemies, how does it protect itself?

Tigers enemies are other animals but the main one is humans. Humans kill tigers each year and have reduced the number of them immensely. A tiger protects itself by hunting at night and stalking its prey before attacking. It uses its sharp claws, it grasps its prey by the upper body or butt and pulls it down. Its large teeth help them to hold the prey and kill it.


What does it eat?

Elephants, monkeys, frogs, deer, antelope, wild cattle, etc. Even though porcupines have needle like things that could hurt the tiger, they sometimes eat those as well.


How is it born?

The mother tiger holds the baby in their tummy up to three and a half months. Cubs will become independent when they turn about two years old. Female tigers stay near their birthplace, where as male tigers wander or roam far away from their birthplace.