Elizabeth Blackwell

Born on Febuary,3rd 1821 and died on May,31, 1910

why is she reconized?

Elizabeth Blackwell is reconized for being the first women to get a medical degree in the United states. Also because she tried to help as many people as she could. All though she may have not got many pateints were she worked at she tried to help manyu other people besides were she recieved very few patients.



Elizabeth Blackwell childhood was a happy and positive one. Her loveing dad was a great influence. Her parents dienied public school so instead they jired privite tutors who were agianst english tradition and they also got instructed on the same subjects boys had . Her mom Hannah Blackwell inspired her children by showing them to music and literature. Her father had strong influence with religon and education for his children.
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Elizabeth Blackwell aceived many thing like she was the first women to get a medical degree in the united states and for helping many pateits as she could.


Elizabeth Blackwell died because if a stroke. A stroke happenes when your blood flow goes to a part of your brain to stop people might call this a ''brain attake''.