By Sydney Bartz

Background Information

Rasputin is very infamous in Russia. After failing to become a monk, Rasputin became a wander and eventually entered the court of Czar Nicholas II because of his so called healing abilities. KNown for his "powers", he became a favorite of the Nicholas's wife, Alexandra, but his political influence was minor. There are many different tales about him that controversial to him be good or bad. Here are some of them.

Rasputin The Bad

In most stories, Rasputin is displayed as a terrible and ruthless man. He is said to have had an affair with the czar's wife just to get close to the czar and the government. In many movies, including Anastasia, he was portrayed as an evil man who wanted to murder the whole royal family. He wanted to be in control of the government and do to that he had to kill the royal family.
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Rasputin the Good

Not many people hear the story where Rasputin was actually good and helped people. Although in most stories it is said that he helped the youngest son of the czar live because he had hemophilia. Most people think that he only did it to get to the controlling the government part. After the movie Anastasia came out many people were upset that Rasputin was displayed as a vicious "mean" character. Rasputin may have been a good guy but been degraded through the years.
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My Reaction

My reaction to this project was good. I was originally interested in Rasputin's life, but then when I was researching him I noticed how many stories were about his life and how none of them agreed with each other. I immediately was interested in finding out more about this topic.

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