Can Carbs Help You Lose Weight?

Nutrition in the News, By Sarah Miller

"Meet The Carb That Tastes Like A Starch But Acts Like A Fiber—And Can Actually Help You Lose Weight"

By Caroline Praderio

February 25, 2016

Article Summary

Resistant starch (RS) is what scientists believe to be a form of carbohydrate that can help a person lose weight. This idea goes against diets and views of numerous health connoisseurs of the time, but it could possibly be the forefront of a dietary revolution. As RS passes through the digestive tract it “resists” digestion, and in return lowers blood sugar, selectively burns fat cells as energy, promotes a thriving colon micro biome, elevates the perception of fullness, and increases overall health and wellness.

More research must be continued before awareness of this miracle starch upraises and becomes commonplace. This affordable yet easily accessible discovery will help individuals lose weight, and can be used in the future for treatment of gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

Article Critique

This article, written by Caroline Proderio in February 2016, was captivating. Praderio is one of Prevention magazine’s staff writers with a degree from Emerson College, where her course work had a focus in journalism. She began writing for Prevention magazine in October of 2014, and has past experience writing for one other nutrition related organization:

Although Praderio lacks in the scientific expertise aspect, she produced a well-written article based on numerous research studies that have been conducted within the past thirty years. The more documented research that can be provided to support article findings, the greater the likelihood of correct information delivery. Praderio also confesses that there is still more research to be done before any definite conclusions can be drawn. This act does not falsify the information, but instead expresses full disclosure to the reader, ensuring incorrect assumptions will not be made.

I believe that Prevention magazines’ staff oversee that validity and pertinence of all published articles remain priority. Prevention magazine is a large nutrition based magazine with a strong Advisory Board. The Board is composed of leading experts in cardiology, nutrition, general health, psychology, fitness and complementary medicine. They frequently meet to review the legitimacy and correctness of the health information that is being relayed by Prevention magazine writers. Updates and articles are written regularly to ensure up to date and relevant information.

Rondale Inc is Prevention magazines publisher. This incorporation however does not have a ".gov" or ".edu" website. This does not mean to discredit their validity right away, but it does call for a closer evaluation. Rondale Inc acts more as a business partner rater than a sponsor of information used in Prevention magazines articles.

Overall I believe that "Meet The Carb That Tastes Like A Starch But Acts Like A Fiber—And Can Actually Help You Lose Weight" Written by Caroline Praderio for Prevention magazine, is a valid and factual article.