I am me

by: logan wodotinsky

I like to sleep

its ironic because i don't like to go to bed, although i love to sleep.
Once i am asleep i like to stay asleep. I also like to sleep on spring beds

I have two dogs

one of my dogs is a blue pitbull. The other is a mutt we got off the street. There names are baloo and sadie

I have sisters

I have two of them. There names are Maddie and Abby, Maddie is 10 and Abby is 8. They are both blond with blue eyes.

i love to laugh

I like to watch comedy movies. American pie is my favorite movie series. Mt favorite stand up comedian is aziz ansari.

I like spicey food

i enjoy hot food especially buffalo wings there the best. In my garden i am growing habanero & red cherry peppers. The hottest pepper i have ever ate was a ghost chilly pepper