Physics behind Goalkeepers

How are those gloves so sticky?

Friction Is The Key

On the front of keepers gloves is a thin layer of synthetic rubber foam. It is usually smooth so that the contact area is maximized and the static friction is high. When the ball hits the gloves it will try to slide through them, but the friction of the rubber is so great acting with the ball that the ball will either stop in the gloves or bounce off them. The foam is probably used to absorb some of the impact the ball will make, and to keep the hands of the user warm and prevent injury. The smoother the surface of the gloves are the more friction they will have and better you will preform.

Some of the most popular glove brands:

Finger Savers! Do they really save fingers?

Most pairs of gloves now have pieces of 3d printed plastic from a model of an finger. They are wider and not as thick, but save your fingers from jamming or even breaking. How? They are designed to keep themselves from bending your finger in a bad direction. When you punch the ball as well the finger savers hit the ball and not your exposed fingers saving them from injury.
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These are personally my favorite and what I use.
Goalkeeper Physics

Glove Glu! Does it really work?

Glove Glu is this new invention that contains a special "goalkeeper formula" that re enhances the grip of old and new gloves. Now does this really work? Lets find out!