Genetic Technology

How is this technology used?

Lets Start Off With - What is Genetic Techonology?

Genetic Technology is a term that is given to a variety of different activities related with understanding the expression of genes, taking advantage of natural genetic variation, modifying genes, and transferring genes to new hosts. Humans have been using biotechnology for several years in activities varying from plant and animal breeding all the way to baking.

How is Genetic Technology Used?

Genetic Technology, sometimes called genetic engineering or genetic modification has been used in Australia to make cotton plants resistant to pests without the use of chemicals, and to make a blue carnation for the floral industry. When Genetic Technology is used it can make the genetic material of living things enhance or remove a particular trait and allow the organism to perform new functions. Genes within a species can be modified, or genes can be moved from one species to another.

Different Examples Of Genetic Technology.

What Are The Ethical, Legal, And Social Concerns?

Allergies In Food

Genetic Technology crops may create new allergens in foods, which sensitive people wouldn't know to avoid. For example, a gene for one of the allergenic proteins found in milk might be transferred into vegetables such as carrots. A parent who would never give their child milk would not realize that she needed to avoid genetic engineered carrots with the allergenic milk protein. This problem is common to vegetables who were put through genetic technology, because it can be transferred to proteins that are completely unrelated.

Genetic Technology Increases Weeds!

Genetic technology inserted into plants, whether on accident or purposely, has the potential to create weed problems by adding traits that allow a plant to thrive unaided in environments where it becomes a new weed. An example would be turf-grass or switch-grass, which may become invasive in drier environments if being put through genetic technology.