Field Park Principal's Update

May 15th, 2020

Hello Field Park Families,

I hope this update finds your families well and enjoying the sunshine!


SNEAK PEEK: Day of Wellness, Monday, 5/18!!!

This coming Monday, 5/18, will be our D101 Day of Wellness! Be on the lookout for an email on Sunday with the live links and plan for the day. Namaste!

IMPORTANT: End-of-the-Year Materials Pick-Up/Tech Drop-Off

As previously communicated, we will be scheduling a materials pick-up and technology drop-off on Wednesday, June 3.

Conceptually, things will look very similar to the process in March. Here are the details:

  • Tables will once again be set up in the GYM, labeled by class.

  • Student materials will be bagged and individually labeled. Along with student belongings (inclusive of locker and desk contents), parents can also expect to receive: Trimester 3 Report Cards, Advanced Placement Letters/Information, CogAT reports for 3rd/5th graders, and care instructions for students keeping tech devices (grades 3, 4, 5) over the summer.

  • Schedule will be as follows:

    • Last Names A - I from 9:00am - 10:00am

    • Last Names J - R from 10:00am - 11:00am

    • Last Names S - Z from 11:00am -NOON

  • Pre-K-2nd graders will drop-off iPads, Chromebooks/FlipBooks and chargers in a designated location.

  • Carts will be available for library book return, so please don’t forget to return borrowed library books.

  • We will have labeled bins for each classroom teacher/staff member, as well; if you need to return borrowed materials, drop off an end-of-the-year note or gift, or leave anything else for a teacher/staff member, you’ll have a place to do so!

  • We will NOT be collecting extra school supplies this year for donation, or sending home any shared/classroom school supplies; please know that we will safely and responsibly handle either the disposal/donation/re-use of these materials as we are able.

A few important guidelines, as we all work together to create as safe a situation as possible:

  • Please know that the materials will have been sitting in the gym, untouched, for at least 72 hours prior to pick-up.

  • Only the central corridor and the gym are open for access; there will not be any access to classrooms, lockers, etc.

  • Only one adult member of each family should plan to participate in pick-up/drop-off.

  • Masks are required in the building.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with these guidelines. Please reach out with any questions.

Climate Survey Update: Monday, 5/18 - Friday, 5/22

Each Spring, we administer the Climate Survey one last time to all students in 1st through 5th grades to gather information about student concerns and social-emotional wellbeing, and to offer a structured chance for students to share their thinking and for us to follow up with conversation and care. With our unique learning situation right now, we have revised our Climate Survey to hone in on a few essential questions both about their time at school prior to our transition to remote learning as well as their experiences learning from home this Spring. Please be on the lookout for the Climate Survey this coming Monday, 5/18:

  • We ask that 1st and 2nd graders take the survey with a parent (as they normally would) either on Monday, 5/18, when the link goes live or at some point throughout the week

  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will receive the link directly from their classroom teachers (as they normally would), and will be asked to take the survey on their own as a part of their remote learning expectations for the week.

Thank you for your support and assistance as we ask our students to share their thoughts and feelings with us; now, more than ever, we value this as a chance to check in on and with our kids.

Last Few Weeks of School

As we wrap up the school year, we will follow this plan:

  • Week of 5/25: Last week of "regular" Remote Learning (live sessions, teletherapies, etc.)
  • Monday, 6/1: Summer-Themed Specials Day
  • Tuesday, 6/2: Virtual Classroom Parties/Celebrations
  • Wednesday, 6/3: 5th Grade Clap-Out, Materials Pick-Up/Tech Return (see above)

Math Tutors from LT

If your student is struggling with math during e-learning and would benefit from some virtual tutoring support, there is a cadre of LTHS math students who are ready to help! If this option sounds like a fit for your child, please reach out to me and I will pass along student contact information for you to connect with the LT student and orchestrate the logistics of virtual tutoring via FaceTime.

E-Learning PARENT Support: Mindfulness Resources

Resource Highlight: Mindfulness Resources

As a sneak-peek to one of our resource highlights for Monday's Day of Wellness, check out this compilation of Mindfulness resources to learn, practice, and share! This resource comes from our D101 E-Learning website, which is packed with similar ideas, suggestions, and resources to help families navigate this time together.

REMINDER: Student/Family Academic/Executive Functioning Support

We already know that we are so fortunate to have such wonderful and capable teaching assistants as a part of our team at Field Park. While they have been keeping busy continuing to support students and staff during this time, several of them continue to have a little time available to help. We fully recognize that this situation is very challenging for everyone, and kids and families are doing the absolute best they can. If you feel like even despite these best efforts, your child/family is really struggling and could benefit from extra support (i.e. 1:1 check-ins with your student to support productivity/accountability, academic support, personal connection to school, etc.) please let me know, and I can facilitate a connection with one of our assistants.

REMINDER: School Supplies Orders for 2020-2021

Believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about school supplies orders for the 2020-2021 school year! Please check out the lists, linked here! Here is the link to order from Write-Stuff.

Orders placed by May 31st will ship to school for free.

Orders placed after 5/31 will ship to home, standard shipping rates apply. Home delivery will be available until July 15th.

Any questions, reach out to Katie Eavenson at or Laura Garofola at

REMINDER: 5th Grade: School Supplies for McClure

McClure's Storefront at The Write Place to order school supplies for 6-8th grade will be going live on Monday, May 11th! Parents are able to order online up to July 15th, but they will receive FREE SHIPPING to their home if they order by June 21st. The website is:

REMINDER: Advanced Placement and Out-of-Level Testing

From Dr. Barnhart's Update, 4/24/2020:

Because we do not have the ability to gather all student assessment data typically utilized for advanced placement recommendations, we will adjust our advanced placement process to accommodate this new set of circumstances. We will communicate these changes with staff over the next week-plus and then collect relevant student data from teachers over the first couple of weeks in May. Initial student placements will be made and communicated by early June, at which time revised appeals processes and timelines will also be announced.

Fortunately, we do already possess all data indicators with one exception--the out-of-level assessment(s), typically offered in May. As such, we will make initial placement recommendations using available data (Winter MAP*--criteria will be adjusted to reflect winter norms, CogAT* Composite, CogAT* Quantitative [math] and/or Verbal [ELA], Professional Judgement) and amend our process for requiring and/or gathering out-of-level information to be the following:

Out-of-Level testing, normally a component taken into consideration prior to our sharing initial advanced placement recommendations, will be offered only to students whose available data indicate advanced placement may be appropriate, but who do not yet qualify for AP with the existing information available (MAP, CogAT Composite, CogAT Quantitative [math] and/or Verbal [ELA], Professional Judgement). Students who would not meet placement criteria even with a maximum out-of-level test result will not be offered testing this year unless parents choose to appeal the initial placement recommendation, in which case, out-of-level testing will be a required component that will accompany the parent appeal. Parents with children whose placement may be impacted by out-of-level testing results will be contacted directly by the building principal by July 1.

*It has always been our practice to use the highest available score for all standardized assessments, not just the most recent. We will continue this practice.

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