Stormwater Pollution

Aly Partridge, Steele Blackwell, Gabe Swyers

What is Stormwater?

Any rain that falls on roofs or collects on paved areas like driveways, roads or footpaths is called stormwater.

What is the Issue?

As stormwater travels over the land, it picks up all kinds of chemicals and sediments that are not naturally found in our waterways. Some of these are poisonous, even in small amounts. Others, such as nutrients, are not poisonous but may be produced in such great quantities that natural systems simply can’t cope. They can eventually cause toxic algal blooms and other pollution problems in our waterways.
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Stormwater Pollution

Commercial/PSA on the destruction we are doing to our natural waterways.

Texans alone dumped 16.5 million pounds of toxic chemicals into natural waterways in 2012

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How do we fix it?

  • Mentality shift
  • Prioritizing the issue
  • Organize local board
  • Invest in gutter filters
  • Promote community clean up/awareness days
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Who does this Impact?

  • North Texas communities
  • Tarrant Regional Water District
  • Trophy Club Municipal Water District