English Language Arts Update

Grade 6

Heroes Project

Students have chosen a famous person of interest to research. This week we have read articles about heroism to determine what characteristics heroes exhibit. Throughout the research they will seek to determine if this famous person should be considered a hero. Close reading and notetaking are the skills we are practicing presently.

Project Goal

After researching and determining the character of the the famous person students have chosen, students will write and deliver a 2-5 minute speech arguing for or against the hero title. These formal speeches will be delivered in class to classmates in early November.

Wax Museum

Thursday, Nov. 10th, 8-8:45am

Grade 6 Wing Manheim Central Middle School

As a culminating event after weeks of hard work taking notes, creating outlines, drafting, revising, edit, and practicing speaking in front of an audience, students prepare a short little blurb for the Wax Museum.

Parents and Grandparents are invited to view their children dressed as their heroes at the Wax Museum.

We hope you are able to make this event.

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Independent Reading Journal and Book Project

Students should be reading almost daily and keeping record in their Independent Reading Journal (IRJ).

Book Projects for Marking Period are due October 28. Ask your child which project he or she has selected.


Students have almost completed their first major collaborative project using, Smore.com. This newsletter was created using the same program. Using information from The Book of North American Owls and the Internet, students have compiled information to compare and educate other about their owls. The public can view these Smores on SeeSaw. Look for a paper to come home soon telling you how.

Other News

  • Book Fair (November 7-11): Look for a paper telling about the Parent Preview (November 4)
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences: November 21 and 22. Times and how to sign up to come.