Piney Woods Ecoregion

Jacob salazar, 5th period, Mrs. Mackey

Location and Details

The piney woods ecoregion is located along the eastern border of texas including Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. The piney woods covers about 54,400 square miles making the biodiversity very large. There is an average of about 60 inches of rain per year. Some of the native plants found there are Sweetgums, American elm, southern sugar maple spanish moss and much more. There are many different animals such as White Tailed Deer, American Alligators and Prairie Kingsnakes. The climate is typically fair and in high temperatures throughout most of the year.

Piney Woods State and National Parks

Lakes and Rivers of the Pines

Historical Background

The Boom in Lumber

The Piney Woods were mostly uninhabited until the mid 19th century. In 1860, there were reportedly 200 saw mills in texas. The construction of railroads lead to the boom in lumber production in the 1880's, by 1907 it was the third largest lumber producer in the country. In the 1933 the great depression devastated the industry.

The Stone Fort Museum

Although its name is the stone fort, it was used as a saloon, jail, church, trading post and a private home but never a fort. It was destroyed and rebuilt three separate times and is still standing today.