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Volume 3

5th Grade Day By: Dakota Strutz

5TH grade day is a day that celebrates 5th grade. It’s a special occasion that occurs May 30th and includes a t-shirt contest, a dance party and lots of fun activities. So I’ve interviewed two students: Samuel Casey and Isabella Hodge. Samuel said he’s looking forward to lunch: pizza! Isabella said she was looking forward to the dance party! I’ve been looking forward to... everything! Both said they didn’t want to compete in the t-shirt contest and so did I. I mean what if you had worked so hard and put so much effort in to it then somebody beats you! I would be a bit sad don’t you agree? So when you meet 5th grade or are in 5th grade I hope to see you there!

Charlotte Motor Speedway By Samuel Casey

At the Charlotte Motor Speedway the main thing that keeps the stock cars rolling is friction and traction. They are essential to keeping cars going at 200 mph on the track. At C.M.S. the banking (the steepness of the sides of the track which cars have to drive on) is 24-degrees! And going 200 mph on a 24-degree angle is a very unnerving feat. The cost and maintenance of the Charlotte Motor Speedway is over $400 million dollars per year. All of that rubber can make a huge mess and when that gets up in the engine of a car going 200 mph, look out! The C.M.S. was founded 58 years ago and they held the first World 600 NASCAR race at the 1.5 miles speedway on June 19, 1960.

Fun on Field Day By: Emma Bertrand

Field Day is one of the most fun days at Oakview by far. There are so many activities that everyone loves. The students will train for Field Day a little bit near the end of the school year with Coach Hall and Coach Miller. Field Day works out great because the students love all the activities and the coaches love to train them! There are different activities for different grades. But there is one activity that every grade does, and it is everybody’s favorite… the FIRE TRUCK!!! A fire truck comes to Oakview, takes out the hose, and sprays everyone! Field Day is one of the best days of the year. The students have fun, get wet, and much, much, more. I would give Field Day a rating of 10 out of 10. We all hope to see you there!

What I like about Oakview By: Kaitlyn McCall

This year at Oakview I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot of new things. I am looking forward to the new things I will get to learn next year. This year in 4th grade I had Mrs. Bolt as a teacher, and if could I would choose to definitely have her again. I would like to have her again because she taught me a lot of new things and she has encouraged me to do things that I thought I could never do. I loved how good she was at teaching math. If there was a best teacher award at teaching math she would probably get it. My switch teacher was Mr. Hoeft. He was a very good teacher too. He taught me a lot of things about the Civil War. He made class fun and his award would probably be telling jokes. I really enjoyed 4th grade and I hope 3rd graders will too.

What I Thought About My 4th Grade Year at Oakview By: Sarah Tervo

This year at Oakview was interesting and there are some things I am still looking forward to, but here is what I thought about my year at Oakview. This year my teacher was Mrs. Olivier. She is one of the nicest and out of all the teachers that teach social studies, she had to be the best. My switch teacher for science was Mrs. Hoefel. She makes science fun and easy to understand, we also got to eat some of our experiments when we were done! My challenge teacher this year was Mrs. Young. She is an amazing challenge teacher because we got to research bridges, national parks, and Rube Goldberg. Some things I am still looking forward to in 4th grade and in 5th grade are the Charleston field trip, field day, Charlotte Motor Speed Way, and so much more. I had so much fun this year, and I hope that next year will be better than this year.

Talented Art Teacher, Ms. Page By: Allison Kim

Ms. Page has been teaching art in Greenville County for 13 years. Ms. Page was born in Bardstown, Kentucky. She attended college at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. After school, she moved to Beaufort, South Carolina and set up Karissa Studio, where she made pottery. In her spare time, Ms. Page tried substitute teaching, where she started to feel like she wanted to be a full time teacher.

Ms. Page is one of our art teachers here at Oakview Elementary. Besides teaching at Oakview, she has also taught in Charlotte, North Carolina, Conyers, Georgia, and Bowling Green, Kentucky. She hopes to do some more 3D projects in the future. Currently, time and space is limited. 3D structures are one of Ms. Page's favorite types of art. She enjoys anything that makes you think deeply. Ms. Page believes that creativity is important and hopes for Oakview to become a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) school. As Albert Einstein once said, "Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will take you everywhere." Ms. Page's favorite tool to use is a pencil if not her hands. She is inspired to make art by just looking around. Things you use every day have something to do with an artist or designer.

Ms. Page likes to garden, swim, farm, fish, camp, bike, read, and do crafts. She has a 5th grade son named Sam here at Oakview. They have 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 bearded dragon, 4 bunnies, and lots of fish. If you see her in the hallway, don't forget to thank her for being such a great teacher here at Oakview!

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